The secret of success!

Every year, over one million businesses close in Europe. In fact, only 50% of businesses survive the first 5 years after they are created.

Yet, many well-established companies only exist because their founders did not give up after failing at the first hurdle!

Yet, research shows that businesses set up by second time starters grow faster than those set up by first time entrepreneursin terms of turnover and jobs created. The net effect of the strong stigmatization of formerly bankrupt entrepreneurs in our society is that in Europe, every year thousands of companies are not created and tens of thousands of jobs are not generated. Failed and honest entrepreneurs who are eager to start again are thus a pool of enterprise creation and business innovation that Europe cannot forego in a time of global economic competition.

The brochure below showcases 32 profiles of such entrepreneurs from 27 European countries: 19 of them have become entrepreneurs as the result of a company transfer, 12 of them have taken a second chance at business after an unsuccessful first attempt and, finally, the last story includes both.

These are all very inspiring stories!

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