Success Stories

Submitted by SpeSecESPA7 on 25 Feb 2011

Komotini Pipeworks S.A.(Solinourgia Komotinis), established in 1996, is active in the field of construction and marketing of metal profiles of all types, and of hot-rolled pipes with a cross-section of less than 4 inches.

Today, Komotini Pipeworks S.A. has the most state-of-the-art production equipment, and its production capacity reaches 15,500 tonnes. The main categories of produce in the last three years were on average as follows:

Submitted by SpeSecComp2 on 17 Feb 2011

Gkekas D.-Papageorgiou A. G.P. was established in Rio, Achaia, with the support of the Action “Increasing Youth Entrepreneurship” of the Operational Program “Competitiveness” (ΕPΑΝ) under the 3rd CSF, and implemented a “green” business idea which has led to the production of a high demand product for the local market, by using paper waste, contributing thus to the protection of the environment.

Submitted by SpeSecComp2 on 17 Feb 2011

Biotrans company was established in 2003 with the support of the Action “Support for Female Entrepreneurship”of the Operation Programme “Competitiveness” (ΕPΑΝ) under the 3rd CSF, and is the first company in Greece to have specialised in the rapid and safe transport of biological materials on behalf of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Submitted by SpeSecESPA7 on 16 Feb 2011

Karbadakis G. & Co. has been in business for 34 years and it is a well-known and established company not only in the local market, but also in the whole of Crete. The company is active in the production of furniture.

Nevertheless, there had been a fall in turnover because the order delivery time to its clients was not the required one, and as a result the clients turned to the ready-made furniture market.

Submitted by SpeSecESPA7 on 16 Feb 2011

Rethymnian Brewery Industrial and Commercial S.A.(Food & Beverage) was well-placed not only in the Cretan market but also in the market of Attica in organic products stores, famous restaurants and pubs. Articles can be often found in daily newspapers published nationwide and magazines in which reference is made to our company which has its registered office at Rethymnon, and many people want to visit us.

Submitted by SpeSecComp1 on 15 Feb 2011

Mastic Spa Sodis S.A. is the first business that invested in and made known the diverse and unique cosmetic properties of mastic. Having a family tradition in pharmaceutics since 1875, it produced as early as the 80s the Masticdent tooth paste, the first modern cosmetic product containing mastic.

In 2004, the business realized the need to adopt itself to the globalized economy that demanded modernization of the production process and extroversion.

Submitted by GenSecInd1 on 15 Feb 2011

BIG AV is a company of high technical expertise that provides live internet broadcasting services (web-casting) for congress, seminars, athletic events and commercial exhibitions as well as integrated audiovisual services. Vassilis Sarioglou states that it would not be possible to realize an investment of a total budget of 96,000 euros without the aid of the Programme for the Support of Youth Entrepreneurship and the very good collaboration with the Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Handicraft (EOMMEX) S.A.

Submitted by GenSecInd1 on 15 Feb 2011

“Castello” Eleni Apostolopoulou & Co is a family business involved in the production of hand-made traditional frozen products, such as crepes, spring-rolls etc. Eleni Apostolopoulou entered the Programme for the Support of Women’s Entrepreneurship and made an investment of a total amount of 137,000 euros. Today, her company works with the biggest supermarket chains in Greece.

This company was established in 2005 and was financed by the Programme for the Support of Women’s Entrepreneurship of the 3rd Community Support Framework.