Success Stories

Submitted by GenSecInd2 on 29 Jun 2012

The Spanish fashion company Caramelo knows about the difficulties of entering the Japanese fashion market.

Thanks to their first visit to Japan with a EU Gateway Fashion business mission, they have not only raised the awareness of their brand but gained a better understanding of the market: “More than just having a beautiful product, we need to satisfy a demanding customer base that has an eye for detail and quality.”

Submitted by nberikou on 18 Jun 2012
Training the first Greek experts The certification of Corallia experts in the use of EU-approved methodology on regular monitoring and assessment of clusters on their path to development (cluster benchmarking) has been successfully completed in the course of a specialised training programme which was carried out by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis in Bucharest on 25-27 April, in the framework of the SEENECO project under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).
Submitted by nberikou on 11 Jun 2012

Citrix today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Bytemobile, a leading provider of data and video optimization solutions for mobile network operators.

Submitted by GenSecInd2 on 11 Jun 2012

The Eco-innovation initiative is not about research: all ideas must be developed, practical and offer long-term viability to qualify for funding. Nor are projects simply about protecting the environment. What the initiative does is lend a helping hand to innovative and environmentally friendly products, services and processes – moving them along the road to fully fledged commercial prospects, ready for uptake by business and industry.

Submitted by nberikou on 6 Jun 2012

San Francisco, 10.05.2012: Helic, the technology leader in EDA solutions for RF and high speed IC design announced today that Nanoradio, one of the fastest growing semiconductor companies in Sweden, selected Helic’s VeloceRF™ to be part of their RFIC design flow.

Submitted by nberikou on 6 Jun 2012

Seoul, Korea and KISTA, Sweden, 01.06.2012: Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, announced today that it has acquired Nanoradio, a developer of ultra low power Wireless LAN chipsets for high-speed wireless access in mobile phones.

Submitted by GenSecInd2 on 11 May 2012

An innovative system uses bamboo to treat wastewater in an environmentally-friendly way. The project launched by a team of European small businesses was funded by the European Commission to allow for its adaptation for industrial use.

Bamboo is a low-cost and convenient means of treating effluents: robust and fast-growing, it efficiently filters nitrogenous compounds and phosphates which are produced by food and drink factories in large quantities.

Submitted by GenSecInd2 on 5 Apr 2012

Every year, over one million businesses close in Europe. In fact, only 50% of businesses survive the first 5 years after they are created.

Yet, many well-established companies only exist because their founders did not give up after failing at the first hurdle!

Submitted by Stratos Vlasakidis on 13 Sep 2011

As part of the 76th International Fair, IDUnited implemented for the visitors “TagTIF” information mobile portal, based on Microsoft Tag technology. This technology is presented at 76th TIF and is the 1st pan-european use in exhibition events. In cooperation with HELEXPO, in subsequent exhibitions will be realized and other solutions based on Microsoft Tag, where visitors can take flyers to exhibitors in digital form directly to mobile and / or email, to take part in various promotions and even buy their ticket.

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