What is the JoinForces initiative?

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The aim of the JoinForces initiative is to provide the opportunity to sponsors to offer substantial assistance to upcoming potential and existing entrepreneurs in order to develop their business in the early stages of life. The Joinforces is a sponsorship management system which allows the uploading of a sponsorship by organizations/companies and the possibility of users to safeguard it according to the criteria laid down by the sponsor.

In particular, the above procedure is as follows: the sponsor becomes member of the StartupGreece community (login and creation of account) and then publishes a sponsorship notice (create JoinForces).

The sponsorship shall contain the following fields:

  • Description of the sponsorship, including potential beneficiaries and eligibility conditions
  • Maximum number of participants
  • Method of selecting beneficiaries (3 selection methods are foreseen: priority order, random and randomly selected by the sponsor)
  • Period of validity.

The sponsor has the possibility, if he/she wishes, to select specific user groups and specific users to who he/she can address the sponsorship.

Then, the person interested can express his/her interest by clicking “I am interested in your offer”. From this point onwards the sponsor will be notified from those interested and the beneficiaries of the sponsorship will be selected according to the selection method that has been chosen.

StartupGreece’s sponsorship system constitutes the collaborative digital platform which brings together sponsors with beneficiaries and does not engage in the actual transfer of the sponsorship by the sponsor to the recipient, bearing no responsibility.

The type of sponsoring may be a product, a service or a value. Some examples of sponsorship may be a specific amount of money, a number of coaching/mentoring hours, equipment, raw materials for prototyping, license for software use, web hosting services, availability of space and office services, legal advice, tax advisor services, travel expenses for participation in missions, operating expenses, intellectual property costs.

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Sunday, 18 September, 2016 - 23:30
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