The Protection of Intellectual / Industrial Property

In the last years, a type of property other than that of material goods, namely the Intangible Assets, is showing an important increase. Intangible Assets are a result of human thought and inventiveness, and constitute the Intellectual Asset of a company, an organization or an authority.

The protection of this Intellectual Asset, that is to say the protection of Intellectual Property, appeared progressively to be one of the new fields of competiveness of companies not only because it increases the economic asset of the company but also because it is of vital importance for the market via the development of innovative products, and processes.

The different types of Intellectual Property and the responsible Authorities are shown in the attached file.

The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) is the responsible Authority for the protection of Industrial Property and more specifically for the protection of Inventions and Industrial Designs, as well as, for the dissemination of Technological Information.

The main aim of OBI is its contribution to the Technological and Industrial development of the country.

For best protecting the industrial property there is a basic rule for the new entrepreneur:

“Do not reveal to third parties the content of your inventions unless you have taken the necessary steps for the protection of your inventions and/or of any of your other creations”.

For protecting the inventions there are 4 basic steps that is good to be followed:

1st step: Filing of an application for a Third party Prior Art Search, so as to know the relevant to your invention prior art.

2nd step: Filing of a national application for the protection of the invention in Greece (cheap and quick process e.g. filing fee + search report fee + patent granting fee = 500 € covering also the first 2 years renewal fee). The search report gives information on the novelty and inventive step of the invention. The interested person can also claim the Greek priority, if within 12 months from the filing date at OBI, he files for protection in any other country.

3rd step: Study of the Search Report received and possible redrafting of the claims before proceeding to a European or International patent application.

4th step: Filing for a European or International (PCT) patent application, claiming the Greek priority.$File/guide_for_applicants_part1_10_13_en.pdf$FILE/applicants_guide_part2_en.pdf

In the framework of its competence OBI aims to help and inform its users and in particular SMEs to become aware of the Intellectual Property (IP) System, to develop an IP strategy and policy. In that respect, OBI participates in community projects and implements, provides tools via its website for better management  of IP and IPRs.

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