About Us

Startup Greece is an information, networking and collaboration space, aimed at creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in Greece.It is supported by the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism and the Greek Government in collaboration with communities of young entrepreneurs. Startup Greece-provides entrepreneurs with the information necessary to start their own business (motivation, funding, legal framework, research material)-utilises social media to bring together people, ideas, corporations, universities, organizations, and create creative partnerships and investment opportunities-provides citizens with valid and timely answers-promotes online democracy, dialogue and accountability Startup Greece is a "no stop shop" aimed at inspiring young people to believe in their own ideas, to cultivate novelty and innovation, to start their own business.Startup Greece is the expression of "nothing is impossible for Greece": a country which progresses and produces, a country which looks beyond its borders, constantly searches for new markets, unites people and their ideas, promotes entrepreneurship. A reinvented Greece, which rewards success, values failure as a learning experience, promotes experimenting, taking risks, innovating.Through Startup Greece, we invite citizens, organizations, associations, research institutes, social and economic entities, to share their valuable knowledge and experience and add value to the Initiative with their people and ideas.Through Startup Greece, you can communicate your ideas, draw information, search for best practices, draw inspiration from success, learn from failure, meet people from Greece and abroad, network with corporations and associations, find an event, attend a seminar, set up a creative workshop in your field of work. All you have to do is register here.If you are a public or private body, you may express your interest in joining the Startup Greece Initiative here. Select "Join the Initiave" and we will be contacting you to guide you through the process.