What We Do

StartUp Greece is a digital information and networking space aimed at giving way to a new generation of entrepreneurs in Greece, bringing together people and ideas and changing the country's perception of doing business and entrepreneurship.

StartUp Greece combines an online entrepreneurship community with a knowledge and information database specialized in the field of doing business. 

The knowledge and information database includes

Public or private funding initiatives so that all available resources can be brought together on one website and accessed by entrepreneurs or anyone interested in starting a business

Procedures, laws and regulations with a view to creating a coherent database, a guide for entrepreneurs, existing or aspiring

Events on entrepreneurship, innovation, as well as mentoring events since face-to-face contact and networking remain invaluable for inspiration and motivation

“How to” articles on the small and bigger details which define a business and can get it off the ground (e.g. basic marketing principles for your new business)

Entrepreneurship and innovation competitions so that young people, be they entrepreneurs or not, have a fixed information point and the opportunity to put their talents and expertise into good use

Useful data and trends for smarter business decisions

Success & failure stories so as to highlight successful business outcomes and because failure needs to be promoted as a valuable experience and a necessary step toward success

The online community

We have designed the community in a way that all stakeholders may be involved: entrepreneurs and young people interested in starting a business, business experts, private investors and business angels, financial organization executives, public administration officials and executives working for business and/or innovation-related bodies, as well as anyone who feels they can benefit from participating and share their knowledge and experience.

After completing their registration to startupgreece, and depending on the contents of their personal profiles, members are then classified by the Administration Team into:

Entrepreneurs & Other Members (e.g. students, young people, business experts, members of entrepreneurship-related bodies, unions and associations etc.)

Investors & Financial Organizations Executives

Government or Public Bodies Executives

Members representing a company or organization can then create their respective corporate/organization profiles and select the category they belong to (a. companies, b. government or public bodies, c. financial organizations). They can also indicate that they are members of the company or organization they have created.

The companies and organizations that make part of startupgreece may include start-ups and corporations, financial organizations, such as banks and venture capital firms, bodies and associations directly or indirectly related to entrepreneurship, government and public bodies.

In many cases, a product is more recognizable than the company that markets it. That is why startupgreece gives its entrepreneur members the opportunity to connect their corporate profile to their star product or products, by creating special promotional pages for each one of them.

How does StartUp Greece make a difference?

Crowdsourcing: on startupgreece knowledge is created through a constant, fair and collective process 

Community members are invited to generate content for all or any of the above mentioned categories as long as they feel they have the necessary information, knowledge or experience. 

Q&As and Q&A forum: startupgreece makes valuable knowledge, useful information and reliable answers, everybody's responsibility

Every piece of content posted on startupgreece is automatically connected to the Q&A mechanism available. Its author is notified via email, the moment another community member submits a question and may then proceed to post an answer. Thanks to this procedure, a number of small specialized knowledge databases can be created on various subjects. 

The different sets of Q&As remain on the page of the article where they were submitted, but also automatically appear on the Q&A forum. The Q&A forum streams Q&As from the entire startupgreece website and categorizes them according to their type (e.g. funding related Q&As, success stories Q&As, How To Q&As, etc.), and their so-called business focus (starting a business, securing funding, managing and running a business, expanding & networking).

Matching: StartUp Greece automatically displays the content which is of interest to its members, provided that they've filled in all necessary fields

The company profile pages locate and display companies or bodies from the same or similar business sector with a view to encouraging synergies. What is more, startupgreece suggests funding programs and calls for which a company may be eligible. Our funding suggestions are personalized and may only be visible by the startupgreece member who authored the company profile.

When it comes to personal profiles, StartUp Greece suggests members with similar professional or business activities, aiming to encourage collaboration and the exchange of views and ideas.

Improving the matching functions of StartUp Greece is an ongoing project. However, more effective matching can also be achieved when members contribute useful content on a regular basis. 

Activity: all the startupgreece action on one page

Every time a member logs on to StartUp Greece, they are automatically transferred to their personal profile page. In particular, the "Activity" selection tab. The website's timeline is available there and members can catch up on content posted or updated, fresh question and answer sets, new company or organization profiles added to the community etc.

Why register

Because as registered members:

You may submit questions

You may contact other members via their personal contact forms

You may create your personal profile and the page of the company or organization you represent, and may also submit your product or products (in case you represent a company)

You may post content to the startupgreece knowledge and information base. Specifically, to the following categories:

Funding (if you are government or public body official, investor or financial organization executive)

Procedures, laws and regulations (if you are government or public body official)



How Τo

Success Stories

Failure Stories

Data and Trends

Please note that the content you add to StartUp Greece is moderated, so it might be sometime before you see it published on the website

You may be notified via email for questions submitted on any of the contents you have posted to StartUp Greece and may then provide answers fast and easy.

By registering to startupgreece, you join a community of mutual help and cooperation. 

How to register

We suggest that you to register directly to startupgreece, you may do so by selecting Login at the top right corner of the page. Select “Create New Account” and fill in the form. To complete your registration, you need to click on “Create” at the bottom of the page. Again, you will be notified via e-mail the moment the Administration Team approves your registration.

No matter how you choose to register to startupgreece, you may always return to your personal profile and select “Edit” to make additions or corrections.

Keep in mind that the more complete is your personal profile, the more you help us classify you into one (or possibly two) of the three available member categories.

After creating your personal profile and registering to StartUp Greece, you may also connect it to your existing facebook, twitter, openID or linkedin accounts (the latter in case you registered directly to the website). From your profile page, select "Edit" and go to the corresponding tabs.

Connecting your StartUp Greece profile to all or any of your existing accounts and having cookies activated on your computer, enables you to automatically login to startupgreece. You just need to go to Login and click on the corresponding button. What is more, twitter connect automatically updates your StartUp Greece profile (tab selection “Twitter”) with the tweets you made during the past week.