How to look for partnerships in patents - The IP Marketplace

IP Marketplace is an online display window where you can look for trading partners and other kinds of partnership. IP Marketplace is free of charge for both buyers and sellers.

At IP Marketplace you can put your patents, patent applications, utility models, design and trademarks –so called IP rights –up for sale or out-licensing. You can also use IP Marketplace when searching for IP rights to buy or in-license, or when you are looking for partners for innovation projects that builds on patentable knowledge.

IP Marketplace has existed since 2007.

IP Marketplace is managed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is a part of the Danish Ministry of Business and growth.

What is IP Marketplace not?

IP Marketplace facilitates the initial contact between trading partners –the sale are not done at IP Marketplace and we do not offer counselling in regards to the trade or co-operation. If you need counselling, you must contact a private adviser.

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