How can European countries open the door to Japan and Korea? The EU Gateway Programme

As a newcomer to the Japanese or Korean market, how can a company raise the visibility of its brand in these two countries, identify distributors and importers or discover current and future trends? Since its start in 1994, the EU Gateway Programme has been helping European companies to do just that. Funded by the European Union, EU Gateway organises five-day business missions to Japan and Korea in high technology and design sectors.

So far, more than 3000 companies have taken advantage of the Programme’s offer, which ranges from financial and logistical support to preparation for the business mission by a professional team based in Europe, Japan and Korea, promotion to potential business partners in Japan and Korea and setting up of individual meetings.

The EU Gateway Business Missions act as entry tickets to the Japanese and Korean market. They will allow your company to

·         Sound out business opportunities in promising markets

·         Identify potential business partners

·         Raise thevisibility of your brand with an official European Union mission

·         Learn about current and futuretrends

·         Receive immediate feedback on your products and technologies

·         Minimise the costs typically required to enter a new market

·         Make new contacts and strengthen your network

·         Discusschallenges and opportunities with other industry players

·         Benefit from professional coaching and follow-up at all stages

·         Receivelogistical and financial support.

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