Startup Greece @ Patras: information, inspiration, networking

Startup Greece is eager to meet you in person and makes a first step this coming Friday July 1st, in Patras, Achaia (Argyris Market, 14 Agiou Andrea Street).

Our first event reaches out to entrepreneurs and innovators who already dare or consider venturing beyond the Greek borders, graduates and undergraduates, as well as anyone willing to learn, be inspired and take a step closer to entrepreneurship.

Startup Greece is a collaborative effort both online and offline. We aim to inspire and communicate a message of optimism, but also to provide useful information regarding state funding programs and opportunities, showcase local start-ups and business ideas, highlight success and failure stories of both older and younger entrepreneurs, promote networking among entrepreneurs, but also with potential investors.

To reach all potential stakeholders and grow our community we need all the help we can get!

  • If you are an entrepreneur interested in presenting your business, share your success or failure story, personal experiences and lessons learned,
  • If you are a team leader working on an innovative idea, and feel it would be worth presenting,
  • If you are an investor willing to meet exciting new ventures and entrepreneurs,
  • If you represent a private or public body or even an informal initiative to promote entrepreneurship and wish to bring Startup Greece to your city/area and help us  organize the event,
  • If you want to help with the Patras event, by communicating it to friends, acquaintances, your network or in any other way you might suggest,
  • If you are simply interested in attending the event in Patras,

just click on the link below and fill out the form

Dimitris Glezos
, Founder & CEO of Indifex, based in Patras, has voluntarily offered to host and coordinate the event. Thank you Dimitris :-)

The event will be streamed live @


1 Jul 2011
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