Software for Domain Experts 2

Software for Domain Experts Conference 2 Ulysses-Systems and the Digital Energy Journal are happy to host the SFDE Conference 2.After the excitement generated by the first conference last October, “Business Opportunities Developing Software for Experts”, the organizers, Dimitris Lyras, director of Lyras Shipping and Ulysses Systems, and Karl Jeffery, editor of Digital Energy Journal, decided on a follow-up conference.What does SFDE mean to you?Software for people who can use previously unavailable technology to provide the quality of product and service of the largest providers and be profitable doing so!This is a timely subject, as the giants comprising the technological status quo have left too many gaps and are already going in a different direction to ours as experts, active in our various industries and communities.All of us understand that the inability of large competitors to collaborate is inevitable, and realize that this is a major negative force on progress; yet no privileged society can continue without innovation. In the quest for innovation, ‘small’ can be more efficient, more agile, more innovative and more empowering than ‘large’. It can contribute to mitigating social problems arising from automation and create new value chains.Register now Read last October’s Conference Report


12 Apr 2016


The Cube
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