Open Innovation Forum - Sustainable Fashion Meets Technology

Innovation is the key driving factor for the economic grow and social wealth. Innovative products and services emerge more often as a result of cross sectoral combination of technologies, design and business models.

The “Open Innovation Forum – Sustainable Fashion Meets Technology” is an event designed as a platform offering a unique opportunity to meet potential partners for new business and upcoming projects. The event gives an overview on the Open Innovation approach and its challenges, as well as some showcases in the field of creative industries.

Representatives of companies, universities and research institutes have an opportunity to present their own offers or requests for innovative solutions, exchange know-how with international experts, initiate and discuss new collaboration ideas and search for adequate project partners. This event represents a great commercial opportunity for your organisation and will bring together a wide range of like minded companies.

How it works?
Each participant has to register by providing a short description of her / his company, technological offers and needs and a short explanation of partners, they wish to meet or are looking for. These data will be published on the Participant list, which is continuously updated according to the submitted profiles.

All interested parties will have a possibility to present their companies and projects in a 3-minute-timeslot during the Elevator Pitch. The Participant list and the Elevator Pitch represent the basis for selecting partners for discussions during the “Meeting session”.

During the Meeting Session there will be a possibility to locate on a small stand (OIF micro-stand) in order to present products, prototypes or technologies (on request).


5 Jul 2011