Innovation Forum 2015

The Economist’s Innovation Forum will make its debut in Chicago, on March 26th, 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel, to discuss how exponential technologies, frugal engineering and radical business models are disrupting top industries. The event will bring together Fortune 500 CEOs, policymakers and entrepreneurs who are continuously disrupting the status-quo.

Innovation is more urgent than ever. Radical business models are emerging from unexpected parts of the world and transforming global markets in industry after industry.  From agriculture to manufacturing to health care, disruption is constantly underway.

As technology proliferates and environmental realities and socio-political trends shake the foundations of established business models, large-scale innovation is the key ingredient for CEOs to survive the next wave of mega-change. This wave will wipe out many incumbents, but the dinosaurs that learn to dance will propel their industries forward. This requires more than just a Silicon Valley startup state of mind. It requires keen foresight, the ability to disrupt from within your organisation and manage innovation via multiple channels. CEOs across industries must be prepared to quickly adapt their business-models to threats and opportunities that have not yet materialised.

Join this year's Innovation Forum as we push the innovation challenge beyond Silicon Valley and learn from the real-world leaders who are driving profits and contributing to global economic growth.


25 Mar 2015
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