Industrial Technologies 2014 - Smart Growth through Research and Innovation

“Industrial Technologies 2014 - Smart Growth through Research and Innovation” conference is organised within the Greek Presidency of the European Council, in Athens on April 9-11th 2014, at Athens Megaron Conference Hall. The event is under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology (GSRT) and is supported by The European Commission Directorate for Research and Innovation.
The Industrial Technologies 2014 event is coordinated by the Foundation for Research & Technology (FORTH / ICE-HT) having as partners SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, the Finish company Spinverse and the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation of University of Patras.
The event will deal with the European innovative industrial production and shall investigate the role that Nanotechnology, New Materials and Industrial Processes (NMP) may have for the industrial growth in Europe as they move forward to the future. The conference aims to present the multidimensional perspectives for the development οf Nano, Materials and Production technologies.
The Conference is planned to be an open forum aiming to foster interactions between Greek Industry and European research, academic and industrial communities, as well as with Policy Makers. It will be an occasion to highlight the capabilities of Greek industry and its potential to innovate, to grow, to excel.
The congress is structured in a way that includes three plenaries and four parallel streams of up to 15 core sessions, workshops on cutting-edge issues of nanotechnology, advanced materials and manufacturing processes, side events such as a matchmaking session, and two exhibitions; the first one presenting industrial excellence and innovation of Greek companies (Greek Showcase), to be organized by SEV, and the second one presenting innovative products from international companies operating in Europe.


8 Apr 2014 to 10 Apr 2014
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