HEPO’s invitation for participation in the International Exhibition SIAL CHINA 2011

The international exhibition Sial China is organized on May 19-21 2011, at the premises of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai.

SIAL CHINA is China’s largest and fastest growing food show, and is organized every year attracting significant and specialized visitors.

Products exhibited include dairy, frozen fruit and vegetables, health food products, meat and poultry products, fish, wine and spirits, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, confectionary products.


For participation, applications can be sent by 21/3/2011, via fax to 210 9982411 & 210 9969100.

Contact details: Mrs. Legga Zoi, Tel.: 210 9982153, lega@hepo.gr


18 May 2011 to 20 May 2011