"Green Marketing & Exports" Workshop

The European Organisation for Strategic Planning and foodstandard company are hosting a workshop on "Green Marketing & Exports" in the framework of the 2nd AGRO QUALITY Festival (13-15/5/2011).

The conference subjects are as follows:

  • Green Development Project implemented by the Region of North Aegean
  • Combination of sustainable industrial and rural development in the Municipality of Tanagra
  • Healthy food model and the environment
  • Green Marketing: the new product-oriented trend
  • Outward-oriented rural entrepreneurship: The role of Economic Diplomacy

The conference keynote speakers are the following:

  • Mr. Athanasios Giakalis, Head of the Region of North Aegean
  • Mr. Evangelos Georgiou, Mayor of Tanagra
  • Mr. Odysseas Voudouris, medical doctor and MP Messinia
  • Mr. Stelios Dris, CEO foodstandard
  • Ms. Niki Stefanidou, Economic and Commercial Affairs, Office of the Secretary General of International Economic Relations & Development Cooperation, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Our ambition is to turn this workshop into an opportunity to adopt attitudes and views and to make proposals for and comments on the importance of green marketing in promoting exports of greek agro food products.

Invitations will be sent, among others, to officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Rural Development and Food, as well as to businessmen from the primary and secondary sector of the food industry.


15 May 2011