Collectiva: Conference and Festival

Collectiva Conference and Festival is a 2-day event dedicated to startups in the digital economy, digital transformation and future tech trends. A unique synthesis of knowledge, networks and fun with a mission to bring together the world’s sharpest and most curious minds to connect, inspire, discuss and build together the future of tech.The Conference will be held on 1-2 June, 2016 at the Hub Events.We understand that great things happen when different ideas, needs, industries and foremost people collide. This is why we believe in the power of mixing world-class content & ideas with genuine entertainment.Our ultimate goal is to create long-term relationships and tech-driven, intersectoral collaborations and projects that will, ultimately, change our everyday lives.Collectiva aims to amplify and strengthen the footprint of the Greek & Balkans startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem to the world. Our home is Athens, Greece. Our reach is global.This is Collectiva | a Found.ation initiative.


1 Jun 2016 to 2 Jun 2016


The Hub Events
Alkminis 5
Athens , AT
37° 58' 27.0588" N, 23° 42' 36.2628" E
Attica GR