B2B event – Sustainability for small food producers

TRADEIT are running a face to face networking event, in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network, alongside the ANUGA FoodTec trade fair in Cologne. This event targets small food producers and the companies who can provide technology and knowledge to help them create more sustainable businesses.


Sustainability is often an important issue and a key value for small food producers. Many build their businesses and market themselves on sustainable principles, and significant savings can be made on water, wastewater, waste, energy and materials from clean production and resource efficient processes. This can help companies to keep a competitive edge.

This event which will take place in Cologne between 26 and 27 March 2015 will give participants access to the latest thinking on making sustainable food businesses and provide access to important innovative technologies. There will also be technology demonstrations and relevant case studies. Invited participants will have free access to ANUGA FoodTec on the 27th March.

Who Will Benefit from Participating?

  • Food producers, especially from the dairy, meat and bakery sectors
  • Sustainable technology providers

Main topics

  • Water and energy efficiency (in food production)
  • Efficient raw material sourcing, effective processing and intelligent waste prevention and management (REduce, REuse, REcycle)
  • Food Chains and Food Miles
  • Direct business effects of “green certifications/audits”  

Why participate?

  • Get the latest information about keeping food businesses sustainable
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations
  • Showcase your business and technologies
  • Improve, diversify and innovate to gain market share

The TRADEIT project is a multidisciplinary, multi-sectorial collaborative project supporting a Network of Traditional Food SMEs and Food Researchers in the areas of Collaboration, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Technology Transfer to increase the competitiveness and inter-regional advantage of Traditional Food Producing SMEs.

For more information, please contact Mr Panagopoulos, at (+30) 210 36 07 690


25 Mar 2015 to 26 Mar 2015