9th Startup Workshop by projectyou

Following the succesful completion of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Startup Workshop in Athens– with a number of applications exceeding 850! -, the 2nd Startup Workshop in Thessaloniki, and the succesful Startup Workshop e-learning and the Advanced Startup Workshop, as well as the concurrent organisation of the 7th and 8th workshops, projectyou is now hosting on the 9th of March 2013, the 9th Startup Workshop, aiming to offer practical knowledge and a step-by-step guidance to those interested in order to start their own sustainable business.

The hosts, acknowledging that::

-  one of the biggest issues facing Greece today is the unemployment of young graduates, people who have been made redundant and the self-employed who have been forced to close their business and are seeking new opportunities

-   in the last decades employees have been nurtured and directed towards paid labour, and this as a result has deprived them from the knowledge and skills necessary to become active entrepreneurs,,

offer the Startup Workshop FOR FREE to those interested to meet the above mentioned needs.

This Workshop is addressed to

  • Young people planning their professional career
  • Executives who have lost their job
  • Professionals who wish to redirect their action.

For further information please contact: projectyou.gr, 9 Protagora str., GR- 15124 Maroussi, 211 402 5225, info@projectyou.gr


9 Mar 2013
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