2nd AGROQUALITY Festival

The first ever presentation of certified Greek branded and traditional products organized in our country, the 2nd AGROQUALITY FESTIVAL, will be held from 13 to 15 May 2011 in the City of Athens "Technopolis" at Gazi.

The 2nd Festival, which is taking place under the aegis of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, includes:

1. Exhibition of high-quality products, in sectors such as: PDO & PGI products, organic and traditional products, agrotourism, green development,etc., while the types of exhibited products include: olive products, wine, bee products, cheese products, sausages, catch, meat products, etc.

2. Rural Entrepreneurship Conference, including subjects such as: the revised common agricultural policy of the EU, certified identity and quality, food safety and health, food models & food culture, national & regional "brand name" marks, a new rural development model, the link between research and local markets, etc.

3. Rural village, where visitors learn how products are manufactured through workshops and actions representing the production process in the Greek rural areas.

4. Panhellenic Table Olives Contest, under the aegis of the Panhellenic Association of Table Olives Processors – Packers & Exporters.

For more information and applicationsplease contact the European Organisation for Strategic Planning, Hippokratus str. 2, Athens, tel. 210 3610265, 210 3622205, e-mail: info@edpa.gr.


13 May 2011 to 15 May 2011
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