1st Hellenic - Chinese Business Partnering Conference 2011

The Hellenic Chinese Business Partnering Conference 2011 which will be held 14 & 15 of June 2011 in Athens for the first time, aims to create a business bridge between Greece and China and enhance cooperation between the two countries, present investment potentials and create partnership opportunities.

With BCI Athens (Business Confucius Institute) and IOBE (Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research) as a platform, the first Hellenic Business Partnering Conference is a confluence of Greek and Chinese business leaders, leading academics, financiers, entrepreneurs and key stakeholders.

It has been conceived with primary purpose of presenting information and trends about exciting business and investment opportunities in both China and Greece. Nevertheless it is within the conference’s intentions to explore new ways of business connections, discuss matters of financial growth in Greece and China under the present financial conditions and highlight successful examples of bilateral collaboration.

It aims to become the premier conference in Greece which is China focused, playing an important role in furthering the role of China within the Greek market as well as enhancing the position of Greek Entrepreneurship within China’s powerful marketplace. Overall, the main target of this two day event is to boost bilateral cooperation and highlight the potentials of Hellenic – Chinese business relations.


14 Jun 2011 to 15 Jun 2011
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