StormRider Informatics Ltd. is a privately held company specializing in the areas of Information Technologies and Communication Networks. The aim of the company is to help businesses innovate and benefit from new and emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing them with both customized software solutions and consultation on how to address their ICT needs in the most effective way. StormRider Informatics Ltd. is organized into three strategic activities, which interact heavily and are tightly coupled:
  • Innovative industrial and academic research in the areas of ICT. This activity is supported by a network of strategic partnerships with top-class research groups and experts worldwide.
  • Software development. This activity comprises, among other things, technology transfer and commercial exploitation of original high-quality research results. The latter guarantees that the produced software is streamlined with the state-of-the-art (and beyond) in Information and Communication Technologies.
  • ICT consultation services. Emphasis is given on performing in-depth study of customer needs and detailed SWOT analysis; subsequently StormRider Informatics Ltd. presents to the customer the latest business and technological trends and solutions available and identifies potential areas for applying specific technological innovations that can offer competitive advantages and ICT related cost reductions. This activity is also supported by some of the very best in their field European experts.


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