Food & Beverage: A Natural Growth Industry

Food & beverage is the strongest and most dynamic sector of Greek manufacturing. The following powerpoint presentation aims to promote the significant prospects it offers for investments and the development of entrepreneurship.

Within the following file, you will find basic data for the Greek F&B industry, such as number of enterprises, employment levels, sales, exports and extroversion and an overview of the its strongest advantages and key business drivers, such as the availability of raw materials, the global shift towards Mediterranean diet, the well-developed food retail sector, the specialized labour force and R&D).

A record of specific areas within F&B follows, which all offer potential for growth and business development.

The presentation provides a brief overview of the steps that are necessary for establishing a F&B manufacturing activity in Greece, and ends up with reference to international well-known brands that have already established commercial and/or investment activity in Greece.


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