Two work-experience programmes for 13,000 unemployed young people aged between 18 and 29 years old in private sector employers and in Social Cooperative Enterprises (SCE) of the Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED)

The Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) announced two (2) new programmes that will offer the opportunity to 13,000 young unemployed persons aged 18-24 and 25-29 to gain work experience of four (4) months with private sector employers and in Social Cooperative Enterprises.

Businesses interested to participate can submit their application electronically from 22/8/2016 and until the fulfillment of the programme (with a cut-off date 22/9/2016).

Programmes are addressed to secondary school graduates (general, vocational high school, vocational school) and higher education (AEI and TEI), which remain outside the labour market, education or training. The beneficiaries must be unemployed or economically inactive citizens. The economically inactive young people are invited to register as unemployed to OAED, to complete the procedure of individual approach and draw up an individual action plan in BTA2 of OAED. The registered unemployed in OAED should not be school or university students or have been insured for more than 100 days in any insurance body (excluded are insurance days for internships and traineeships). Priority will be given to the long-term unemployed people, 60% of whom will cover the number of posts. Priority is given also to parents of underage children with absolute priority to mothers of underage children. Next in terms of priority are unemployed with the highest registered unemployment rate, in days, in OAED’s registry.

The placement of trainees in order to acquire work experience is done based on the field of skilled positions (on the basis of their qualification) and/or according to the individual action plan drawn up by the OAED’s Employment consultant. Placements of beneficiary unemployed people will be done on the basis of the ranking lists of beneficiaries-trainees. OAED will pay to trainees aged 18-24 a net daily allowance of EUR 18 for each day of traineeship and to trainees aged 25-29 a net daily allowance of EUR 21. Trainees under the sickness insurance sector in-kind (EOPYY) are insured for healthcare coverage and occupational hazard to IKA-ETAM by OAED. At the end of the four month work experience, trainees will be offered the possibility to participate in a job subsidy programme for a duration of eight months (a relevant public call for expression of interest will be issued addressed to businesses before the end of the traineeship).

The unemployed do not apply themselves.

Young people who have worked in any way or made their traineeship in the same company during the last six months before the date of submission of the request of expressions of interest, cannot join the programme as trainees. Nor partners to general partnership companies (OE), limited partnership companies (EE) and partners in a limited liability company (EPE) and private companies (IKE), members of the board members in cooperatives (except Social Cooperative Enterprise) or legal representatives or managers of companies participating in the programme, can join the programme.

The programme is addressed to private enterprises, social cooperative enterprises and generally private employers engaged in economic activity. Condition for joining the programme is not to proceed to staff cut-downs due to termination of contract staff (dismissal without replacement) within the 30 calendar days preceding the day of the request for expressions of interest. Companies wishing to join the programme will be asked to submit electronically a request for expressions of interest to OAED’s website ( using the relevant field for electronic applications.

The details and conditions concerning the implementation of the two programmes, are included in public procurement No 8/2016 and No 9/2016 which were published on the OAED’s portal.

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Monday, 22 August, 2016 - 12:00 to Thursday, 22 September, 2016 - 00:00
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