TetraBytes is a Partnership SME founded in 2010 by people with extensive experience in the field of Information Technology and its basic scope is humanistic service provision that could make our everyday life easier through the use of computer, mobile devices, smart devices, applications and the Internet.

Our basic thought is to provide innovative ideas to the Greek and International community. We are trying to infuse this idea to everyone in order to create services and applications for companies and people, to anyone of us.

We can be competitive because we work having in mind that human is the center of technology and not just a user. Our ideas and the applications that we implement are the ones that we would like to have, to use, to be part of our everyday life and not just a business for money. We believe in win-win relationships with our partners and customers. We may seem as verbose dreamers but we are experienced, with fresh minds, so we want to live in a different world and we know that we can achieve it.

In parallel, we use and support open source tools and applications and we try to provide our knowledge to the open source community with additions and changes to existing tools.
Our promise is to provide high quality services and tools and this is the reason we are open to new, innovative ideas and partnerships. We believe that we can conquer the world of Internet, Technology and Informatics; only if we try all together.

The fields of Interest of our company include:

  • Data Mining and Data Processing
    Tetrabytes has extensive experience on data mining procedures and data processing algorithms. We specialize on Internet data exploration and our products involve such procedures.
  • Dynamic Processing of Web Content and Information Extraction
  • Web Content Summarization and Categorization
  • Web Personalization
  • Web Design and Applications
    We envisage a “future web” providing full context applications for individuals and enterprises such that each user would be able to fulfill everyday activities with the ease of use of the technology.
  • Mobile Applications
    We believe and empower the usage of small screen devices and thus we are designing and implementing applications for mobile. We also support the usage of multiple channels in order to make content available for small screen devices.
  • Social Networking
  • Future Internet


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