Terms of Use & Privacy Statement

1. The ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website belongs to the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism (herein ‘the Ministry’). Via advanced web infrastructure and open- and closed-source software, this website can provide services, namely information, search, navigation, view and use of information, social networking, communication and information, as well as technological applications related to ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’. These services and applications are available to everyone (herein ‘users/visitors’) according to the following terms of use. Using/visiting the present website indicates the unconditional acceptance of the terms of use described herein. Navigating and continuing using the present website, as well as archiving and indexing it, declare acceptance of the following terms of use.

2. The ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website is to be used for legal purposes only and in such a way that does not limit or hinder the use by third parties. The users/visitors are obliged to use this website according to the law and the present terms of use. The users/visitors of this website should not proceed to actions or omissions that may cause failure or malfunction and affect or endanger the services that the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website provides to the users.

3. Permission to use content, data and software that are covered by intellectual property rights, and posted on the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website, is granted under the following terms:

a. The total content of the present website is made available to the public under the specific terms of the Creative Commons Greece licence suite (CC BY v.3.0) defined in detail in the relevant Licence of Use, unless otherwise stated. Permission to use other material protected under Greek Law 2121/93 or another relevant law, which is identified as third-party Intellectual Property, is not covered by the abovementioned licence of use.

b. In the event that material is not identified as third-party material, it is made available under the Creative Commons Greece licence (CC BY v.3.0). In terms of using and exploiting third-party material, that is third parties that are not registered members of the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website, the end users should refer to the owners of the intellectual property rights in order to be granted permission to use and exploit the material.

c. The end users unconditionally and unequivocally agree and accept that they have acquired the necessary permission or intellectual property licences related to any material that the users contribute to the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website in the form of comments or in any other form, and that this material is made available under the Creative Commons Greece licence (CC BY v.3.0) or another explicitly stated licence that allows end users and the MINISTRY to use this material, in order for the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website to accomplish its objectives.

d. The computer programs that are used to develop and operate the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website are typically but not exclusively Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). If and when these are made available, they are available under the particular terms of the European Union Public Licence (http://www.osor.eu/eupl/european-union-public-licence-eupl-v.1.1). Further information on this licence which makes software available to recipients, can be found on the website of the software.

e. The data on which the material is based in the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website are available under the Creative Commons Greece licences (CC BY v.3.0).

4. The MINISTRY aims to provide the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website with complete, accurate and up to date information. It also provides the content (e.g. information, names, pictures, images, data, etc.) and services made available on the website ‘EXACTLY AS THEY ARE’. Under no circumstances will the MINISTRY be liable for any requirements of legal, civil or penal character, nor for any damages (incidental, special or consequential damages) suffered by the users/visitors of this website. 

5. The present website may contain links to third-party websites for the sole purpose of informing the users/visitors. The links to third-party websites do not signify that the present website adopts their opinions and actions, or accepts the content they produce, publish or post. The third parties – as responsible authorities of websites according to the law – have exclusive responsibility for the content of their web pages or for any damages resulting from their use, when the users/visitors of the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website access them. The users/visitors accept that when visiting third-party websites, they exit the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website and are subject to the terms of use of third-party websites.   

6. The MINISTRY aims to ensure the smooth operation of the network, but does not guarantee that server operations will be uninterrupted or error-free, free of viruses, malware and other harmful components.  

7. The ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website is used by public authorities and individuals to provide information about queries posed by users of the website. The public authorities aim to provide accurate information within a reasonable period of time after receiving a request, reserving all rights and in line with the general disclaimer notice, as described herein. If the natural person, who provides the relevant information, acts within his/her jurisdiction, he/she shall not bear personal liability for the quality and type of information provided other than those specified in the existing legislation. The MINISTRY is not liable for information provided by individuals within the operation of the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the respective information, nor is it liable for its content. 

8. Given the nature of the Internet, the MINISTRY shall in no event be liable for any type of damages suffered by the users/visitors of web pages, services, options and contents of this website. Additionally, it does not guarantee that each linked website or the servers that make available each relevant service to the users/visitors are free of ‘viruses’ or similar malicious software, nor does it guarantee that the contents, web pages, services, options or their results are accurate, complete or available.

9. Through the present website, the MINISTRY can collect the personal data of the users/visitors only. Personal data are considered the data that can be used to identify or communicate with the users/visitors, in particular the data collected through Data Submission Forms, or to determine the users’/visitors’ location. The users/visitors unconditionally and unequivocally consent to provide the abovementioned personal data to the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website if necessary or requested. The MINISTRY can use the personal data for informative purposes, website usage analysis, or to send emails or newsletters to the registered users/visitors, unless the latter do not wish to receive such material and have explicitly expressed their wish to the MINISTRY. The MINISTRY shall not sell third-party personal data or the personal data of the users/visitors of the present website. The MINISTRY shall not transfer or publicise the personal data of the users/visitors of the present website to third parties, unless otherwise specified by the law, or if this is a contractual obligation necessary for the smooth operation of the Webpage or carrying out the operations of the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website.

The MINISTRY may process part of or the total data sent by the users/visitors for statistical purposes and for improving the provided services and information. The users/visitors may communicate with the Administrator of the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website at team@startupgreece.gov.gr, in order to verify the existence of their personal file and check whether it has been modified, altered or deleted.

The present website can collect non-personal data and use it to recognise the users of the website by using technologies, such as cookies and/or IP address monitoring, and others that result from the communication between the web browser and the server. Cookies are small text files that are saved in the users’/visitors’ hard drive. They do not acquire knowledge of any document or file from the users’/visitors’ computers, nor do they match the computers to individuals. Cookies are used to facilitate the users’/visitors’ access to particular services and/or website pages for statistical purposes and to determine useful or popular locations.

Non-personal data may also include the type of web browser, the type of computer and operating system, the Internet Service Provider and further similar information used by the users/visitors.

The users/visitors of the present website can set their web browsers either to prompt them for cookies in particular services, or to reject all cookies, or even to deactivate the user’s positioning services. In case the users/visitors of particular services and pages do not wish to use cookies for recognition, it is possible that they may have limited access to some services, uses or functions provided by the present website. The collection of all personal data, which the MINISTRY receives through this website, either sent by the users themselves or collected during user navigation and usage of the website, is carried out according to Greek Law 2472/1997 (including the modifications of Greek Law 3625/2007) and Greek Law 3471/2006 for the protection of personal data.

10. The present website may contain communication forms, bulletin boards, and interactive and social networking areas. Using the above features indicates that the users/visitors are exclusively responsible for their communications and the consequences of their postings. The MINISTRY is not liable for the accuracy, reliability or validity of the posted material in interactive areas, or the consequences of the communications in interactive areas, or the consequences of using the website. Under no circumstances will it be considered that the MINISTRY accepts or adopts the users’/visitors’ expressed ideas, views and actions as a result of their communications. The MINISTRY can check, amend or even delete the users’/visitors’ communication content. The users/visitors accept the licence, under the specific terms of the Creative Commons Greece licence suite (CC BY v.3.0), as defined in detail in the relevant Licence of Use, of all projects subject to protection under Greek Law 2121/1993 that result from communication on the bulletin boards and the communication forms, as well as in the interactive and social networking areas in ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’, as these are described above.

11. By using the ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website, the end users and visitors unconditionally and unequivocally agree, stipulate and accept the following rules of operation: (a) the user cannot create more than one user account, (b) the user is prohibited from posting content related to illegal software, penetrating software and illegal acquisition of protected content, (c) the user is prohibited from posting any comments that are hateful, racially offensive, or other messages, comments or content that may offend the respectability and reputation of the users of ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ or other natural or legal persons, (d) objections to the interventions of Administrators of ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ should be submitted electronically to the Administrator at team@startupreece.gov.gr, and not made public, (e)  the users should follow the rules of conduct and ethical guidelines, as described in the rules of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines for Members.

12. The ‘StartupGreece.gov.gr’ website can provide to the users/visitors of its services, a participatory process and public consultation on current issues that are discussed in the form of questions. The users/visitors’/participants’ answers are recorded, analysed and taken into account by the MINISTRY with a view to reaching conclusions about the issue under examination that is proposed for public consultation with a participatory process, without obliging the MINISTRY to continue offering this service or to publicise the results. The specific terms of the participatory process and public consultation are always determined by the MINISTRY.

The MINISTRY reserves the exclusive right to collect and exploit all the data as well as the findings that are reached and made available to the citizens through this website. The users/visitors of the website agree to transfer their intellectual property rights from their participation in the public consultation to the MINISTRY, as described above.

13. The terms and conditions of use of the present website, as well as any modification or change, are governed and completed by National and Community law and the relevant international agreements. If any provision of the above terms is found to be contrary to the above legal framework or becomes invalid, it automatically ceases to apply and is removed from the present document, without affecting the validity of the other terms in any way.

14. The terms and conditions of use of the present website constitute the total agreement between the MINISTRY and the users/visitors of its web pages and services, and bind only these parties. Any amendments of these terms of use shall be disregarded and shall not constitute part of this agreement, unless they are stated in writing and incorporated into the present terms of use. Unless otherwise stated, the above terms of use are put directly in effect in the present website. The MINISTRY reserves unilaterally the right to modify, add, and alter the content or the services of the website as well as its terms of use, whenever it deems it necessary, without prior notice, through this website, always in line with the existing or a new legal framework.