Rules of Conduct and Netiquette

1. The end user and visitor of the ‘’ website unconditionally and unequivocally agrees with the following rules of operation:

a. The user cannot create more than one user account.

b. The user is prohibited from posting any type of content that violates the law of copyright protection, in particular illegal software, penetrating software protection methods or content (crack, Serial key generator), as well as links to websites with similar content, and messages that concern illegal acquisition of protected content or describe illegal actions, or encourage this type of activity.

c. The user is prohibited from posting any comments that are hateful, racially offensive, personal attacks and personal characterisations, or any other messages, comments or content that may offend the respectability and reputation of the users of or other natural or legal persons. The users understand and consent that the Administration Team of ‘’ reserves the right to remove any offensive or improper content. Comments are the personal opinions of the comment writers only, and users are requested to substantiate their opinions as much as possible.

d. Objections to the interventions of the Administration Team of ‘’ should be submitted electronically to and not made public.

e. It is prohibited to include any type of advertisement in the content submitted to ‘’ in posts or comments, as well as advertisements that are not explicitly defined as such. Additionally, spamming (submitting bulk messages, unsolicited or advertising messages) is prohibited in both public and private postings.

2. Before you request or ask something via the ‘I have a question’ functionality, please follow these simple rules:

Use the General Search function of or the Search Filter that is available for any content including the Q&A Forum. (It is possible that what you are looking for may be in some older post.)

Do not demand, but ask politely about the information you want as clearly as possible. Remember that a clear description saves time for you and others.

3. When you enter content in, and particularly if you are copying content, pictures or videos from other websites or sources, it is advisable to cite the original source.

4. All content, posts or comments should be written either in Greek (avoid writing in Greeklish) if you are visiting the Greek version of ‘’, or in English if you are visiting the English version.

5. Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS in the title and the description of your content, question or comment. Capital letters can be tiresome to the readers, and more importantly, capital letters denote ‘shouting’ in the World Wide Web and may lead to misunderstandings. For emphasis, use the bold font instead.  Your titles should provide a brief description of your content and be as clear as possible so that readers do not feel disoriented. 

6. In terms of communicating with other members, ‘’ gives you the ability to communicate directly via the personal communication form available at each member’s profile. The form is to be used sensibly for communicating and in compliance with those defined in rule (1).

7. Each visitor/member of ‘’ may report other members for posts that violate the terms of use, and ask the Administration Team to intervene and settle the matter according to its judgment. A violation report may be sent electronically to

8. User/member banning: all participants understand and consent to the fact that the Administration Team reserves the right to permanently ban from ‘’ users who repeatedly infringe the Terms of Use, the Declaration of Confidentiality, and the Rules of Conduct and Ethics of ‘’.