Invest in Greece SA is the official Investment Promotion Agency of Greece that promotes and facilitates private investment. Invest in Greece is also responsible for the implementation of "Acceleration and transparency of implementation of Strategic Investments" law.

Invest in Greece identifies market opportunities and provides investors with assistance, analysis, advice, and aftercare support. It identifies potential partners, locates sites, assists in legal and licensing procedures, analyses investment proposals, furnishes pertinent economic information, and fully explains incentives available to investors.

Invest in Greece is committed to helping businesspeople discover the many opportunities in Greece, the gateway to Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean and to operate as a one-stop-shop for strategic investments.

Invest in Greece is supervised jointly by the Minister of State with regard to attracting and supporting Strategic Investments as these are defined by Law 3894/2010 and the Minister of Regional Development & Competitiveness with regard to attracting and supporting investments that do not fall under the provisions of the above mentioned Law.


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