Enterprise and Employer Grant Programme for the employment and training of 10,000 beneficiaries “of a cheque for their reintegration into the labour market”

The Programme includes an employment action (funded by national resources) and a training action (funded by the NSRF within the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development").

The Programme shall be open to all private enterprises and private sector employers in general in order to recruit workers that have been laid off and are recipients of income support in new jobs, and provisions are also made for their training in their new job. All the unemployed who shall be recruited under this Programme shall be beneficiaries of a “cheque for their reintegration into the labour market”. The reintegration cheque reflects the conversion of unemployment benefits for the unemployed entitled to receive them into employment benefits.

Hence, businesses or private sector employers participating in the Programme who offer jobs with insurance benefits to unemployed people shall receive as a subsidy the amount of the unemployment benefit previously granted to the unemployed. The services of the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) shall indicate unemployed people who are beneficiaries for recruitment under this Programme. OAED shall provide the beneficiary together with a decision approving regular or long-term unemployment (initial, amending or follow-up) with, a formmentioning the duration and amount of the subsidy they shall receive. The “value” of the “reintegration cheque” shall be equal to the amount of subsidy as determined taking into account its progressive reduction until the expiry of the regular or long-term unemployment benefit (first phase of the Programme).

After the unemployment benefit has expired and until a period of 24 months has passed from the date of recruitment (second phase of the Programme), the employer shall receive as a subsidy an amount equal to 90% of social security contributions (of employers-employees) plus the contributions in favour of auxiliary funds.

In case the employer provides also for the training of the person whom they have recruited, the subsidy they receive shall be equal to 100% of social security contributions, extending the duration of the Programme to 30 months.

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