Enhancing human resources in small and medium enterprises on internationalisation issues via consulting-mentoring and training actions

The Programme will be implemented by the Hellenic Management Association and is about implementing consulting and training programmes for employees working in small and medium enterprises or for self-employed persons or entrepreneurs, aiming to enhance the adaptability of human resources, SMEs and businesses in internationalisation issues.

In particular, this programme includes two actions:

Action 1 "Consulting and mentoring on internationalisation issues"

The aim of Action 1 is to inform all participants on theoretical and practical aspects which will help them:

·  Improve their understanding of the business internationalisation process.

·  Have at their disposal a quick tool for assessing the export readiness of their business at any time.

·  Obtain a programming framework for the export actions of their business.

·  Facilitate business decision-making on practical issues of internationalisation.

Consulting will have a duration of 22 hours per person and will be subsidised with EUR 5 (gross) per hour.

Action 2 "Training of SME employees on skills development in internationalisation issues"

Action 2 is about providing training services with a view to helping employees working in enterprises develop skills in order to create a significant stock of human capital with expertise and technical knowledge on internationalisation issues in favour of businesses and the economy.
Training will have a duration of 40 hours and will be subsidised with EUR 5 (gross) per hour.

Indicative Training Programme - International Commerce & Exports in Practice

·         8 Steps to Export

·         Delivery Terms (INCOTERMS)

·         Terms of Payment

·         Distribution Networks

·         Customs & Taxation Matters

·         e-Customs

·         Packaging & Labelling of products

·         Pricing Policy

·         Export Marketing & Market Research

·         Participation in Trade Shows & Missions

·         Intercultural Communication & International Customers Service

·         Health & Safety

The Programme is open to:

·         Employees in Small and Medium Enterprises

·         Self-employed

·         Entrepreneurs

aiming to internationalise.

Required documents for participating in the Programme:

1.   Application form

2.   Certified copy of the Police Identity card

3.   Employer attestation or commencement of business certificate

4.   Updated resume

5.   Recent photo

6.   Signed declaration stating that the enterprise does not employ more than 250 people.

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Sunday, 1 July, 2012 - 12:18
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