Re-inspiring Greece from the Youth Up!

The initiative driving the sale of our exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been planned to answer two questions:

1.    Given that currently 54% of Greece's youth are unemployed, WHAT can we do to help?

2.    Given that more and more Greeks are leaving the country in search of a better life abroad, HOW can we help young Greeks stay in touch with the land of their forefathers, their heritage, and their history?

3.    Through the sale of this unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, GAEA, the Greek company that produces the product, Greek American Celebrity Chef Cat Cora and the Greek America Foundation aim to do their part in helping young Greeks get back on their feet, supporting them in becoming an active part of society, and enabling them to overcome the difficulties that they have found themselves in!

4.    We invite young Greeks to develop and present a business plan to a carefully selected committee.

5.    The project promotes the commercialization of innovative ideas that can support the Greek Agro-food sector by offering prizes for the best new venture plans.

6.    Young Greeks affected by the "crisis" will have a chance to retreat to their place of origin and invest in the Greek Agricultural Sector, re-inspiring those around them for a brighter future of growth and prosperity


Rules for Business Plan Submission

The competition is open to teams of recent high school or university graduates proposing new start-up businesses that can contribute to the Greek argo-food sector. Each team must have 5 members maximum and no individual can participate in more than one team.

All business plans must be written in GREEK.

Each team must submit a detailed business plan, which must include:

·         Executive Summary

·         The idea - business, services, and/or product description

·         Details on location and ownership of facilities

·         How it is connected and supports agriculture

·         How it can support Greek business environment.

·         Market analysis

·         Sales and Marketing Plan

·         Competitor Analysis

·         Management team-participation of owners and partners in management and their background

·         Financial plans (break even analysis, cash flows and profit-loss statements)

·         Project Financing

·         Time table of implementation

The business plan must be on PDF or word format with maximum 20 pages.


28 Feb 2013