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Welcome to Entrepreneurial Edge Quick Plan!

The Quick Plan is a tool to help you write a simple single-page business plan we call a Quick Plan in five simple steps. 

Merchant artisans, musicians, home-based business owners, and Internet-based businesses use these business design guide to get their dreams on paper- now you can too! 

The Quick Plan is a tool that every business owner -or potential business owner- should use in business planning, new product development, or business feasibility testing as a part of the business planning process. Use the Quick Plan to help you put your personal dreams and aspirations on paper.

Download the the Quick Plan Template at: www.EntrepreneurialEdgeSeries.com and review the sample Quick Plan as your guide.

Emailyour completed QuickPlan to MyQuickPlan@ReadySetStart.com

The winning QuickPlans will get access to Edge OnDemand training to help you plan, design, and launch your new small business.

taken from the: Entrepreneurial Edge Small Business Toolkit, Girandola Press, 2012

Available at www.EntrepreneurialEdgeSeries.com or Amazon.it


25 Mar 2013
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