Open Call – Borders to Cross

There is an open call to collect interesting initiatives and projects that we can learn from. The Open Call for Innovative Practice and Dilemma's will gather the most striking examples of efforts in which citizens, civil society actors, and public officials have redefined their roles and modes of interaction.

Examples may range from the G1000 in Belgium to a social pharmacy in Greece or a social procurement procedure in Sweden. The cases will be linked by the common effort to reinvent democratic relationships through practical initiatives.

Representatives of the projects that are selected will be invited to present and discuss their successes and their frustrations and to bring home innovative approaches to pressing societal problems.


If you would like to apply for the open call, fill in these questions and send them to Rense Bos, before June 14th 2013.

1) Please give the name of the project that you wish to nominate for Borders to Cross and when and where it took place.

2) Who were the principal partners in the project (government, civil society, market)? Please describe briefly the role that each of the partners has played to date.

3) What practical issues did the project attempt to address? Were there tangible results? If so, what were they?

4) What makes the project innovative in your view? How did relationships among participants or patterns of cooperation change in an interesting and challenging way? What new strategies for cooperation were employed? What new results were the members of the project able to deliver that they could not deliver prior to the project?

5) Please summarize how the above features (or others) make the project a challenging example of change in the democratic and governance system (shift of roles and responsibilities between government and society) of your country?

6) What is the current status of the project?


31 May 2013
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