Lilian Voudouri Special Prize at Startup Live Athens

Startup Live Athens #3, “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” and The Lilian Voudouri Foundation have announced a new co-operation, where the foundation apart from being a partner supporting the event, will also award a team with a special prize, named “Lilian Voudouri”. It is a financial prize of 3,000 euros, to be awarded to the best team in the sector of cultural entrepreneurship, in order for it to be used as an initial capital to start operating the business. The selection of the winning team will be made by the judges of the event, based on specific requirements; these of sustainability and scalability, innovation, promotion of the Greek Culture, Literature & Arts abroad and the commitment of the team to proceed with the operation of a business after the event is over of course.

This donation is part of the new framework of The Lilian Voudouri Foundation activities, aiming to support initiatives that promote the Greek Culture, Literature & Arts. “With the new framework of activities, we will try to facilitate from our side the promotion of a different image of our country, internally – because this is very important nowadays- as well as abroad – because this may be of even greater importance” according to the Chairman of the Foundation, Mr Yannis Palaiokrasas, adding “the actions we will be supporting, include entrepreneurial initiatives in this direction, since we strongly believe that many of the solutions for the financial and social issues of our country shall be shaped through entrepreneurship and innovative ideas. That is the reason we are supporting the effort of Startup Live Athens.”


6 Jun 2013