Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition Crazy Business Ideas

IST College,within its constant effort to actively bring the world of business closer to the world of education, organizes the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition "CRAZY BUSINESS IDEAS" in order to provide young people with the opportunity to bring forth their ideas for a new product or service and transform them into a rigorous business plan. The Competition will take place under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Youthand the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

To join the competition, candidates must submit their ideas via the website www.crazybusinessideas.gr, which has been specially designed for this purpose, submitting a short text describing the idea, along with a photograph, or design of the idea. Candidates must have already completed their registration to the website by submitting their personal details (name, mail and age) and certifying (for those under 18 years old) that they have the consent of their parents or the persons exercising parental responsibility. Also, in case of team participation, only one member of the team must include their details in the application form. The names of the other members of the team must be mentioned (including the name of the person making the registration) under the text describing the idea.

Submitting a photograph or design is mandatory, since it is a visual description of the idea. Additionally, candidates may, if they so wish, and in order to promote their idea further, videotape the description of their idea by themselves and/or by members of their team and post the video link at the end of the text they are to submit.

4. The ideas will be evaluated in 2 phases:

a. Public voting ("preliminary" phase)

b. Evaluation by a committee of entrepreneurs and academics ("semi-final" and "final" phase).

All candidates must prepare and submit their business plans by 9 May 2013 at the latest. On 23 April 2013ashort educational seminar will take place at the premises of the Hosting Company by academics specialised in Business and Economic Sciences with a view to guiding the candidates to preparing their business plan.

1st Prize: The winner will receive €10,000 as capital to start up a business based on their idea!

2nd & 3rd Prizes: The 2nd and 3rd prizes will be a full scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at IST College!


28 Feb 2013
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