Business Simulation - 1st Round

The biggest Business Simulation ever in Greece!
Moreover, Fund Raising Simulation for the first time in Greece!! It will take place on November 24, 2012. 200 participants divided in or 30 groups of 6-7 persons taking into consideration their idea upon registration.
The groups will follow a Business Simulation under the guidance of mentors (they will do the coaching to the groups)
The mentors are supplied with virtual “fund” of 100.000 “euros”.
In the end of the event, two representatives from each group will try through interview to persuade the other group’s mentors to “fund” their idea.
There will be a drawing for two educational trips in Brussels, with all the expenses covered, a generous sponsor by the Information Office of the European Parliament in Greece. One position for a volunteer and one position for the participants!
The groups with the best accomplished “funding” will participate in the 2nd Round which is the Business Idea Competition.
The 1st Round (Level 1) will take place in Arktos Center, Akti Kondyli 4 (next to Piraeus Train Station)
Arrival time: 10:15-10:45.
Launching of the Event: 10:45. After 11:00 the attendance is prohibited unless they occur important reasons.
Participation is valid only through adequate pre-registration.
The first round will be conducted in Greek.
You can find Application forms under Sign Up menu item on the top of the page (Applications Forms, Mentor Forms, Sponsor Forms, Supporter Forms, etc..)


1 Nov 2012
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