Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation Fellowship in USA, 2013/14

The Bluhm/Helfand Social Innovation Fellowship @ Chicago Ideas Week recognizes a group of young socially-conscious leaders who have developed sustainable ventures addressing social needs, and provides them with exposure to nationally recognized business and community leaders, funding to support their cause, and a platform for growth.

The Fellowship was created by philanthropist and entrepreneurs Leslie Bluhm and David Helfand to help advance the next generation of social innovators, entrepreneurs, and change agents.

The BHSI Fellows are hosted in Chicago for Chicago Ideas Week, in October each year, all expenses paid. Fellows gain exposure for their organization, establish a community of support, and receive a $10,000 financial contribution for their venture.

Applicants must be of 35 years of age or younger, they may be from anywhere in the world and their ventures may be for-profit or not-for-profit entities. All ventures must demonstrate that they are innovative and addressing compelling social need(s) and demonstrate a sustainable model with proven results.

Application deadline: 06/06/2013.

Business Sector: