2nd Competition "Greece innovates!"

The launching of the 2nd Applied Research and Innovation Competition "Greece innovates!" has been announced by SEV and Eurobank. Interested parties are invited to submit, until September 30th, their candidate files containing applied research products which have been developed in the last three years and they are mature for commercial exploitation, or products and services with innovative features.

The aim of the competition is to encourage research and production of innovative products and services, and to foster cooperation among entrepreneurs, representatives of the financial sector, researchers and innovation bodies to commercially exploit innovative ideas and to upgrade the country’s competitiveness.

The competition was launched last year for the first time with the support of Corallia, among others, and it was warmly embraced by the research and business communities. It is worth mentioning that the companies Brite and Micro2Gen which are mi-Cluster members were among last year’s award winners (here you can find the relevant announcement)

For this reason, SEV and Eurobank decided to turn this competition into an institution by giving the chance to even more researchers to make known their work both in Greece and abroad and to come closer to commercially implementing their ideas.

For more information on the competition, last year’s award winners, and the electronic submission of applications please visit the upgraded website: www.kainotomeis.gr

You can also contact the secretary of the 2nd Applied Research & Innovation Competition, SEV, 5 Xenofontos str., 105 57 Athens.

Tel.: 211 5006133. 211 5006164, or via e-mail: info@kainotomeis.gr.

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