Corporate OverviewUlysses is a growing global software company that evolved from its Shipping Industry roots into a different kind of knowledge management software supplier. Ulysses defines knowledge as “actionable information” that is available to the person with the responsibility to act, at a time and place where the knowledge influences actions. Our 3rd generation Task Assistant software uses patent pending technology resulting from thirteen years of research and practical experience servicing the shipping industry, to deliver access to “actionable information” where and when the knowledge positively impacts operational outcomes. Task Assistant’s ability to efficiently and consistently provide knowledge access, unprompted, makes it the best software platform currently available for developing, enhancing and deploying Computer Assisted Decision Making Systems.Granted that inadequate bureaucratic processes either hide or fail to distribute information to the right people quickly enough, bureaucracies, designed to efficiently handle large volumes of normal and known transactions can experience critical delays in their response to transactions or events outside the norms.          Integrating Task Assistant with existing Business Process Management Systems, enterprises can expect task execution and event response where awareness alerts are triggered and applicable relevant information is delivered unprompted.          Task Assistant integrated with content management repositories increases the value of the repository by facilitating improved utilization of the content.          Alerts and alarms issued by Business Intelligence-based monitoring systems or by Text Analytics-enabled listening systems can easily be integrated with Task Assistant, accelerating and improving event response.With Task Assistant, users no longer need to know that knowledge might exist or where it might be to use it, because it will find them when they need it.Task Assistant’s ability to capture, recognize and deliver knowledge, results from capabilities that use a Role/Task/Context process model to derive indices that link information objects to each usage and comprehensively tracks usage back to the objects. In Business Process Management Solutions the return on investment is diminished if the process execution experience isn’t captured and recycled to continuously improve the process. Similarly, the return on investment from the most complete Enterprise Content Management System is limited if information it contains relevant to task execution or event response isn’t used. And investments in Business Intelligence and Text Analytics, designed to facilitate identification of opportunities that maximize organizational performance, fail if the findings cannot be acted upon or events responded to promptly. As a knowledge management tool Task Assistant can considerably optimize the return on investment as the in-built model favours comprehensive data capture, intuitive access and utilization of information.Consequently all industries and organizations, in addition to the systems they use, also need Ulysses’ brand of knowledge management that emphasizes usability as opposed to archiving, retention, creation, packaging, distribution, searching, mining, etc, that other successful knowledge management companies have pioneered, refined and deliver today. Our solutions complement and enhance the value of investments made in these other important knowledge management technologies. Ulysses Knowledge Engineers are NOW ready to partner with “subject matter” experts in any industry, applying Task Assistant anywhere computer-enhanced human understanding improves the delivery of actionable information. “We are ready to apply what we have learned about Information Delivery while servicing the Marine Industry to information availability problems in any industry” says Capt. Michalis Hatzimanolis, M.Sc.VisionUlysses vision hasn’t changed since the company was established. Our goal is to develop software platforms that facilitate configuring and deploying computer systems that seamlessly adjust to each user’s individual information access needs and reference frames.For business enterprises and the people working in them, the reference frame is the vertical they function in. The purpose of tapping the universe of available information within the vertical should be to supplement each professional person’s understanding and experience with individualized knowledge relative to one’s expertise. A team of people working together, supplied with the right information and with past experiences of other professionals from their vertical, are well equipped to take the right decisions and save the day when an unexpected event arises.Incorporating human understanding and experience into a software system to supplement each person’s individual experience and knowledge base with relevant missing information is the basis of performance support and effective event response.The business and engineering leadership team at Ulysses have long been involved in using technology to incorporate significantly more human understanding into software; and perceptive professionals who embrace Ulysses solutions early, all enjoy indispensable and competitive advantages of process and goal relevant information delivery.HistoryUlysses was founded in 1996 by Dimitri Lyras, an engineer and member of a family with more than 150 years of experience in shipping with a vision that software could assist in managing the enormous variety  of information and coordination requirements of the industry. Domain expertise had to be the catalyst for “custom-designed” software for the shipping industry that could effectively demonstrate competence and provide decision support with a goal to promote a culture of continuous improvement. Understanding the way people in the shipping industry work, seamlessly guiding them through their respective responsibilities was the pre-requisite of the design paradigm. The team that started the company set off to discover exactly what this needed to be, to demonstrate its value in the industry they knew and then to commercialize it for use by anyone.Task Assistant addresses the problem of linking professionals to the right information in the right form at the right time - key components for improving computer assisted coordination and decision making.The design paradigm that Ulysses adopted is best referred to as Task Orientation. Based on domain expertise and research assisted by world class experts such as Roger Schank – (one of the world's leading researchers in Artificial Intelligence, cognitive science and the building of virtual learning environments founded on the principles of case-based reasoning that humans naturally adopt when problem solving) - the engineers at Ulysses accomplished what all successful engineering organizations strive for – transforming research in science into practical products and solutions.Initially, Task Assistant provided a software platform for automating the ship management processes and regulatory compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. This breakthrough was followed by the other Task Assistant based software solutions to ship operations including Planned Maintenance, Purchasing and Crewing. Ulysses’ Task Assistant based applications are currently supporting hundreds of working vessels in more than 35 companies world-wide. Ship owners and operators of those vessels should expect savings in the order of $90,000 per vessel per year purely from minimizing information gaps that potentially can lead to undesired events impacting a company’s revenue and reputation and interrupting the normal flow of its operations.Today Ulysses is in the early stages of implementing the next phase of its evolution, namely, transforming itself from a vertically focused supplier of a unique class of competitively advantageous Information Delivery Solutions in shipping, to a company that solves information delivery problems associated with any decision support system in any industry.


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