We believe that there are many beautiful minds out there, many of them not working in academic/research circles, but with original ideas, sharp observation skills, and capable of making significant contributions based on their knowledge and rational way of thinking. However, outside academic circles, the opportunity to test new ideas and working hypotheses is limited, requiring more time and considerable expense. The result can be that active scientists loose the chance to contribute to the improvement of existing theories or the development of new scientific paradigms.PALP is the first application that is addressed primarily, but not only, to psychotherapists. It developed to cover four major needs: The need for a documented evaluation of therapist's intervention over time, the need for a comprehensive picture of interventions and for the identification of psycho-social factors that facilitate or hinder the development of certain mental disorders, the need to reduce the time of collection, data entry and statistical processing each independent researcher or team of researchers spend for research purposes and the need for a flexible tool for use by people who are not so familiar with the use of a computer and with the use of statistical science in their professional practice.


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