Air Cargo

  • Direct shipments at first available flight

  • Consolidated shipments in special rates

  • Special rates for different commodities

  • Special fees for consolidated shipments

  • Free deliveries to Northern Greece

  • Export - import custom clearance

  • Tranzit in Southeast Europe

  • Custom Clearance

Sea Cargo


  • Custom Clearance

  • Tranzit

Road Cargo


  • CMR insurance liability

  • Fine arts services

  • Custom Clearance

We have an exceptional commerce relation with Turkey.

Onitas Hellas in the context of its logistics servises is also a provider of wooden wine and olive oil boxes. We can provide:

  • Wine boxes

    • Different sizes for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, bottles or any dimension and type

    • Pyrography and laserprint for your logo

    • Bottle guillotine and a variety of materials to protect against fragility

  • Olive oil containers

    • Different sizes for 5 to 17 lt with or without disinfestation

    • Hinge, handle and sliding opening also available upon request

    • Light OSB, plywood and pallet collars

  • Luxury containers

    • Available in any dimension and with stylish and robust bonding

    • Disinfestated, they can be used to offer wine and olive oil presents to loved ones


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