The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation is the only legally qualified institution for the protection of inventions and industrial designs. It also provides technological information from worldwide patent databases.

The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation was established with the aim of contributing to the technological and industrial development of Greece, providing important services in the industrial property field.

• It protects inventions in Hellas by granting Patents, Utility model certificates (UMC)and other protection titles
• It protects the topographies of integrated circuits
• It registers Industrial Designs and models by granting relevant certificates
• It operates as a receiving office for applications for the European Patent, the PCT certificate, the International registration of industrial designs and the Community designs and models
• It has developed a technological information service for providing technical and other data regarding patents on a European and International level via electronic systems and via OBI’s databases/archives for National Industrial Property Titles
• It has established regional electronic patent libraries in Heraklion-Crete and in Thessaloniki with the aim of providing its technological information services throughout Greece
• It registers Technology Transfer Contracts in a special register
• It provides advice and information on the legal system applicable to its field of competence and informs the public about protecting inventions and the correct protection policy
• It publishes printed material related to the fields of its competence
• It has a non-lending technical and legal library for the public.
• It participates in exhibitions and organises events to inform the public at large about its competences
• It is active internationally by cooperating with similar Organisations abroad and at international level and representing Greece in these Organisations and by preparing and inspecting the implementation of international treaties on matters of protection of inventions, technology transfer and industrial designs and models
• It participates in projects (European, Community, etc.) for promoting Innovation in Hellas
• It provides One Stop Service. This Service is available for anyone interested in learning more about the procedures for filing an application for a Patent or an Industrial Design or any industrial protection title. It also provides information on related technological information issues. The One Stop Shop is open daily from 8.30am until 13.30pm and is staffed by experienced personnel, as well as by OBI’s experienced technicians and legal experts who also assist in providing information.

In the framework of its competence, the OBI aims at stimulating much further the innovation and its contribution to the modernization and reinforcement of the industrial property protection system. More precisely, through the realisation of various programs, it aspires to the increase of the number of inventors, enterprises and other legal entities (e.g. universities, research centers) employing the industrial property system, and gives all its energies to the development of new products and services and the continual adaptation of the same system to the changing needs of the Greek users.
The potential access to huge non-commercial patent data bases, the devoted personnel singularly specialized on related matters and, particularly, the know-how acquired through a 25-year experience on the domain of the industrial property protection constitute the guarantee of a reliable sector expert in questions concerning the technological information and the protection of Patents and Industrial Designs.


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