LazyPub is a low cost solution that allows any small and medium company to easily distribute their PDF, EPUB or HTML publications on mobile and tablet devices (currently iOS is supported but soon more mobile and tablet platforms will be added). 

The iOS app is actually the front end of LazyPub service where readers can download free or paid publications in PDF, HTML or EPUB formats while it supports in app purchases and subscriptions. Users can read publications, add bookmarks or share what they are reading on Facebook and twitter. In the back end, there is a content system for publishers, allowing them to manage publications, add new ones and have access to detailed statistics and insights about their readers reading habits.

Publishers can even use the backend to add interactive elements to their publications! Using a simple user interface you can add youtube videos, mp3 files, web links to selected pages of a publication without having any programming skills.

LazyPub's main features:

1) Advanced reader interface: The advanced LazyPub reader allows the users to easily read, navigate and bookmark your publication. Complete with a page flipping effect, brightness control, advanced bookmarking system, portrait and landscape orientation support and document layout view.

2) Newsstand support: Your subscriptions to the things you love to read on iPad — newspapers, magazines, journals — are now neatly organized in one convenient place. Newsstand automatically downloads new issues from your subscriptions in the background, so it won’t interrupt your reading.

3) Interactive PDFs: Using LazyPub’s backend system you can easily add interaction to a simple PDF file! You can complement your content with an interaction or enhance the advertisements of your publication. Simply select the page of the PDF that you want the interaction to appear and the type of interaction: video (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion), sound (.mp3 file) or link to a website. Yes, it is that simple!

4) Backend System (LazyPub Publish): The backend system of LazyPub interacts with the app and allows for issue management and provides analytics. You can easily upload your publication file along with a description and the cover image and release them to the LazyPub client app when you are ready!

5) Detailed statistics: With LazyPub’s backend system you can view detailed statistics of how users interact with your publications. Learn the number of downloads per issue, how many times did every user opened a issue, how many minutes did a user spent reading your publication, which was the most viewed page or the most interesting article.

6) Security: The LazyPub team takes the security and safety of your publication files very seriously.  Files are safely stored and backed-up in LazyPub’s servers while all transactions occur over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections. Your user account and data are also protected using SSL based encryption layers.


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