The Institute for Youth is a private legal entity, which is supervised by the Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. The objectives of the Institute for Youth include: technical and scientific support of the Ministry of Education and of the General Secretariat of Youth, preparation of research projects, development and management of National and EU programs. 

Supporting and promoting youth entrpreneurship is the Institute's primary policy priority. The Institute for Youth already runs two projects in that direction:

Youth Entrepreneurship Support Structures (YESS):

Youth Entrepreneurship Support Structures are specialized consulting offices where potential entrepreneurs can find the necessary information and entrepreneurial consulting, helping them achieve their goals by founding their own business.

The YESS services are offered by specialized consultants and collaborating professionals, through their offices which are located across the country.

More specifically the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Structures:

  • Offer information to potential entrepreneurs regarding the available subsidized programs for enterprises as well as other fund raising sources and options.
  • Provide consulting services regarding business plan pre-assessment.
  • Provide specialized consulting on crucial entrepreneurial issues, through a broad network of professionals who collaborate with the YESS.
  • Organize educational and informative events and seminars on topical entrepreneurial issues.
  • Organize networking events among new and established entrepreneurs, investors, academics, business consultants and other associated bodies.
  • Offer access to a broad network of private and public bodies devoted in supporting and assisting young entrepreneurs as well as promoting entrepreneurship in general.

Besides their consulting services, YESS implement actions to cultivate entrepreneurial culture in youth. Specifically, YESS:

  • Offer lectures in secondary education structures, aiming to develop pupils’ entrepreneurial mindset and enhance their creativity.
  • Organize special events to encourage young people to take action and inspire them to create, through presentations of young successful entrepreneurs.
  • Initiate the creation and continuous development of “good and bad practices database”. The initiative intends to promote young creativity and innovation, as well as to create idols. On the other hand, the initiative intends to highlight some common entrepreneurial mistakes in order for young entrepreneurs to avoid them.

Youth Entrepreneurship Support Structures will fully operate in September.


Best Practices Forum:

The Institute for Youth (IFY), identifying the lack of inspiration and encouragement that young people need in order to create and innovate, as well as the need for publicity and networking of young entrepreneurs, is organizing the Best Practices Forum.

Objective of the initiative is to gather as many examples of youth entrepreneurship as possible, and to promote them in order to inspire and encourage young people to create. In addition, through the Best Practices Forum young entrepreneurs will have the chance to connect with each other, interact and collaborate.

The IFY’s initiative targets young entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, while its ambition is to develop a database which will be utilized by whoever wants to undertake relevant actions and move the initiative one step further.

In the context of Best Practices Forum, IFY is running a creativity competition which will end up in June 2011. The ten (10) ventures with the higher ranking will be presented in a central event that will host the closing of the competition, while the three (3) of them with the highest rank will additionally benefit from supporting services provided by the event’s sponsors. The final ranking of the competition’s participants will accumulate the grades of the public as well as the grades of a committee; including academics, representatives of public and private bodies associated to entrepreneurship and companies, which is formed for that reason.

More detailed information regarding the Best Practices Forum, at


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