Supports through its programmes, the research activities of both the country's scientific research institutes and those of its productive industry, focussing on areas that are important for the national economy and for the improvement of the quality of life.

Promotes the transfer and dissemination of advanced technologies throughout the country's productive sector, thus ensuring early utilisation of the results of research activity.

Contributes to the reinforcement of the country’s research manpower.

Represents Greece in relevant institutions of the European Union, thus bringing the country's research and technology activities into line with the requirements of the international community.

Promotes cooperation with other countries and international organisations on research and technology issues.

Establishes new institutes and technological centres in support of sectors of high priority for the development of the Greek economy.

Supervises underwrites the fixed costs of, and otherwise provides support for 21 of the country's best-known research and technological centres.

Supports the dissemination of research and technology information throughout the country and internationally by means of advanced ΙΤ systems and networks.

Encourages activities aimed at raising awareness of the general public about research and technology issues.


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