The mission of the General Secretariat for Commerce - Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness (ex Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping) is:

1. To engage in government trade policy making and implementation with a view to ensuring smooth functioning of the market and fair conditions of competition, thus protecting both the consumers and economic growth from distortions.

2. To engage in policy making and implementation in the sensitive fields of prices of goods, such as drugs and provision of services, e.g. education, residential lettings etc.

3. To design policy and to streamline the institutional system aiming to ensure smooth functioning of professional associations, the protection of industrial and commercial property, companies limited by shares (societes anonymes) and credit institutions.  

4. To supervise bank and insurance firms, under the provisions of C.L. 2190/20, S.A.s listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, stock brokering companies, sports limited companies, as well as any other limited company, where this is provided for by law.

5. To ensure law enforcement and to monitor the activities of Chambers and the Union of Hellenic Chambers.

6. To ensure law enforcement in terms of control and registration of the Greek, European and International marking.

7. To streamline the public procurement law aiming to enhance transparency, guarantee faster implementation of the call for tender and reduce the State’s financial burden.

8. To draft, amend and complete the Government Procurement Program and to implement procedures provided in the provisions in force with regard to the conclusion and implementation of public contracts. 


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