The Chamber of Ioannina (unified commerce-industry & professions-crafts) is a obligatory, integral and independent union of private and legal entities, which practice commercial activity in the Prefecture of Ioannina, it comprises a Legal Entity of Public Law and is under the repressive administrative supervision of the Minister of Development. 

The purpose of Chamber of Ioannina includes:

The protection and development of commerce, industry, crafts and professions, of the sector of provision of services and exports, according to the interests and the aims of national economy, for its development and progress. 

The provision to the state of advisory recommendations for every economic issue, including the relative Bills, always taking into account the economic development of the Prefecture of Ioannina and the serving of the general interest of national economy.

Provision to its members and to any interested party of advisory recommendations and information for every economic issue.

It should be noted that according to the above, the Chamber does not have a syndicalistic nature.


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