Avid Planning rely on a highly experienced team of experts who support a diverse range of consulting and broking services and activities, incorporating know how in advance fields of operations’ planning, start up, business continuity and project management while adding value to business transactions.

In detail our services and activities are:

  • Operational Planning & Readiness inclusive of Start-up, performance of live Trials and Business Continuity planning, monitoring and assessment.
  • Security planning, inclusive of security systems’ assessment & optimisation, set up and monitoring of loss prevention programs in the retail sector, security tender coaching and security personnel training as well as provision of protection services and maritime security services via our partners worldwide.
  • Operational Procedures Development, Alignment & Vocational Training.
  • Planning and implementation of corporate entities physical migration, without the disruption of operations.
  • Provision of Managerial and Administrative experts’ support in Airport/Aviation and Tourism, inclusive of marketing, economics, operational, safety, security and framework advice as well a programme management.
  • The design and management of viable Estate Development Projects acting as licensed Real Estate Agents, focusing mainly in Tourism, Industrial and Commercial property.
  • Provision of high quality/accuracy 3rd generation Traffic Counting (People & Vehicle) solutions for Terminals, Shopping Malls, Parking Lots etc. 


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