Alpha Information Technology S.A., is a company that activates successfully since 1998, in Evros Prefecture and the wide area of Thrace, Greece. The company is located in a three floor owned building on the main commercial street of Alexandroupolis  Leoforos Dimokratias, No 39, and keeps two branches in Komotini (Nik Zoidi 35) and Orestiada (Konstantinoupoleos 208).

Alpha’s business philosophy focuses on client’s satisfaction by respecting individual client’s needs.

Our target is:

  • To provide high level of consultant services, information technology hardware and software, multimedia implementations, advanced network and telecommunications services for companies, organizations, professionals and individuals.
  • To develop and provide technical and scientific knowledge and capabilities in the New Technologies field, specialized and adjusted to the needs of the demanding Thrace's market.

Since 2003, Alpha Information Technology S.A. established and applies a Total Quality Management (TQM) System. Thus the design, the development, the production, the distribution and evaluation off all products and services that we provide to our clients, are being managed by all personnel with a system certified by ISO 9001.


Alpha Information Technology s.a., aims at offering and implementing complete and adjustable solutions. The activities of the company are multiple and specialized in order to:

  • Provide completed computer solutions for every company, organization or individual.
  • Provide “computer consulting” services by elaborate studies and accomplishing high technology projects.
  • Trade, produce, install, preserve and provide technical support at information and network hardware systems.
  • Educate and train on new information technologies
  • Provide telephone or wireless internet and web services
  • Develop and promote software products (ready or special ordered packages, Multimedia, RDBMS, network and internet implementations and services)
  • Conduct research programs on new technology and to participate at European Community Information Technology projects.

To summarize, the company’s business activities develop around three strategically selected axes, in order to cover the needs of the local market.
Those main axes of activity are:

  • System integration
  • Service integration
  • Software integration


We recognize that human dynamic is the most important factor in business success; thus we consider our specialized and training staff as the most important investment. Our personnel except high academic education, wears team-work behavior, professionalism and experience in the wide field of Information and Telecommunication.

Additionally, we choose to enforce a systematic approach and avoid working with isolated materials and programs. All activities are implemented by our personnel as a set of interactive and interdependent elements, in order to achieve ultimate result.  



With our specialized knowledge and experience, we are capable of conducting detailed studies regarding the needs of each company. We analyze the business processes and provide systematic organizational solutions with implementation and conservation of the most effective software and hardware packages.

In detail we conduct:

  • Research and study
  • Recognize and record the business processing and special needs
  • Elaborate a detailed business plan
  • Provide a complete processing study and preparation for ISO certification
  • Implementation of hardware
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Network and internet solutions
  • Office equipment (fax, photocopy-machines, Barcode & POS Systems, etc)
  • Study, adjustment and  implementation of software
  • Software packages, E.R.P, M.R.P, C.R.M systems, Production management programs for industry and Small-Medium business companies
  • Microsoft products (Office and Backoffice)
  • Special-ordered software designed for specific needs
  • Installation, education and training
  • Consistent and immediate Technical service


Since 1998, Alpha Information Technology s.a., is the local authorized agent of FORTHnet telecommunications. Greece Hellenic Telecommunications and Telematics applications Company – Forthnet S.A., is one of the most dynamically developing Greek companies in the Telecommunications and Internet sector. In 2007 a chain of Forthnet-shops started developing throughout Greece. Alpha Information Technology s.a. had the privilege to develop the first one nationally with the multisupport in technology and information.


Alpha Information Technology s.a can develop high technology but still easy to use software products, as below:

  • Analysis and design of  applications (user interface)
  • Software study, realization and implementation using high technology development tools (RDBMS, .NET, Visual Languages, WWW Technologies, Multimedia Authoring tools etc.)
  • Development and evaluation of Multimedia Titles, Web Sites & E-Shops
  • Implementation of special features at Microsoft Products (Office-Backoffice)
  • Evaluation ,  certification, Training  & Support

By combining our theoretical and academic background with our hands-on experience, the company completed significant projects. Until now we developed approximately ten software titles. In order to explain the wide area of our activities, we present some of our Software implementations below.

First, in cooperation with the Technologial Educational Institution of Athens  Departement of Food Technology (in 1999), Alpha Information Technology s.a developed special educational software concerning the field of Food Technology (Natural processes in Food, Milk & Grains Industry, Food biochemistry and Biology, Food safety etc) and addressed to all sectors of food technology (production and trading Enterprises, Educational Institutions etc), all internet accessible.

Additionally, since 2001 we put on the market various integrate Software programs created with RDBMS/Windows technology. All programs circulate with significant success and are installed in companies, business co-operations and Government Organizations throughout Greece. Epigrammatically some of these programs are:

- CLUB Logic for management of Gymnasiums - Health & Beauty institutions – spa and therapies resorts – multipurpose institutions

- Alpha Business Management for Warehouse & Sales Management, SMB Customers. It addresses to Small – Medium businesses

-e-PROTOKOLLO Document Management for companies,businessco-operations and Government Organizations

Alongside chosen from FORTHnet SA Partner in a  submission of a research proposal for PAVET entitled «Application for Local Portals» (2006).

Finally, in cooperation with Democritus Medical University (DUTH) in 2006, within the framework of the Operational Program for East Macedonia and Thrace region implemented by Government’s General Secretariat for Research and Technology (Association of Research and Technology development in sectors of National Priorities), Alpha Information Technology s.aundertook, as a member, the implementation of a program for home-performed peritoneal catharsis (600.000 Euros budget), in order to develop software concerning health and Biomedical technologies. The original server software ( ) is recently completed and initially tested, whereas it is constantly expanding and getting better, focusing on its immediate implementation to whole patients in peritoneal catharsis in the wide area of the DUTH’s Nephrological clinic

Investment in research and development carried out in the last years:

  • Computers & Smart Device Technologies - Automation CH10 (2004)
  • Software Development CLUB LOGIC procedures ISO 9001 (2002-2003)
  • Develop interface Open Source Platform Tools with Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management System CRM (2003-2009)
  • PER.KA (Telecare Service for Peritoneal Dialysis) (2006-2008)

The company does not export currently products or services, but inquire the expansion of activities and products (software - services) to Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria and where there was interest.


Alpha Information Technology s.a. has an experienced, organized and trained technical team, working with every client is being monitored by CRM system, thus we are providing pioneer services of technical support:

  • Οn Call technical support
  • On Site technical support
  • On Site immediate replacement of critical materials
  • On Site training
  • On Site software implementations
  • On Store technical support
  • On Store hardware repairing
  • On Store software implementations
  • Οn Line technical support (via e-mail, website, broadband or modem)

Our technical services are offered either individually or either in the form of contract packages of Software and Hardware technical support covering all client’s needs with an immediate response within an hour or even constantly 24/7.


Alpha Information Technology s.a co-operates with Gavanoudis Center of Office Equipment for Office Machine Organization (Fax, photocopy machines and Telephone Centers). On this field, Gavanoudis Center of Office Equipment is the most acknowledged and experienced company (since 1980) in Evros Prefecture and the wide area of Thrace. Additionally, in order to  ensure the best service of Home Computing & Very Small Business clients, we opened a new separate retail storenamed @Shop, located in the centre of the market of Alexandroupolis, as well as in Komotini and Orestiada.

Furthermore,we developed an electronic shop, for on-line sales, named @shop at / Our e-shop is the biggest and most successful one among those based in the wide region of East Macedonia and Thrace and conducts sales throughout Greece and Cyprus.

Alpha Information Technology s.a has developed strategic co-operations with well known companies, in order to ensure immediacy in collaboration, up dated technical knowledge and products and services certification. Thus, we are specialized to provide services and products of the companies below:

  • Intel (Intel e-Partner & IPI / 1998)
  • Cisco (Cisco Reseller & Network Specialist / 1999, Cisco Small-Medium Business Select Partner / 2005 )
  • 3COM (Bronze Partner / 2002)
  • Linksys (Business Partner / 2004)
  • Microsoft (OEM System Builder / 1998, Certified Partner 2005)
  • FORTHnet (Technical Support POP-AXD / 1998, authorized  point of sale for Evros/ 1998, Forthnet-Shop/2007)
  • EPSON (Technical Support Center, Reseller / 1999)
  • HP (Technical Support Center / 2003, HP Preferred Partner 2008/2009)
  • PLATO PC (Technical Support Center / 1999) & ALTEC PC (Technical Support Center / 2004 – authorized point of sale of Altec - Unisoft Software/ 1998)
  • ACER  (Acer Point / 2004), SONY (Vaio Specialist 2008), TOSHIBA (Business Partner 2008), Lexmark (Reseller 2007)
  • Data Communication  (Business Partner / 2003)
  • Singular (authorized point of sale / 1998)
  • SoftOne (Business Partner / 2005)

And many more Greek companies of software, hardware and telecommunications such us CPI, OKTABIT, DIONIC, E-NET Logicom, Intertech, AMY, Macedonian Peripherals, Euroeloctronics–PrimeTelecom etc.)


Alpha Information Technology s.a client's catalogue consists of about 4.000 companies, professionals & organizations. Those clients trust our dynamic and consistent presence and development. Doing business with those numerous clients, gave us the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge about the special needs of each individual or company, about the specific demands of different fields and sectors, in order to apply adaptive and specialized services.

The projects that Alpha Information Technology s.a developed successfully cover the whole wide field of computer and information technologies, such as installation of information systems, network development, technical support services, software implementation and upgraded telecommunication services. Thus, we are looking forward to fulfilling your individual and specialized needs, concerning our company’s activities.


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