Innobarometer 2015

The Innobarometer is a survey on activities and attitudes related to innovation. Each year, it gathers opinions and feedback from the general public and European businesses and provides a unique source of direct information on innovation for policy makers. As of 2015, the survey is based on a standard questionnaire to help monitor change in how companies manage their innovation activities, plan investment to modernise their business, and tackle barriers to the commercialisation of innovation.Innobarometer 2015The Innobarometer 2015 captures the main behaviours and trends in innovation-related activities in EU businesses. The survey covered the following areas:- profiles of companies that have developed innovations since January 2012 and their plans for the future- the impact of innovations on turnover, and the proportion of turnover invested in innovation activities- barriers to commercialisation of both innovative and non-innovative goods and services- preferred types of public support for the commercialisation of goods or services- the role of design, and the use of advanced manufacturing technologies- involvement in public procurement and the role innovation plays in this processMain results show that:- Almost three quarters of companies have introduced innovations since January 2012 (72%) – an increase of six percentage points since the last survey in 2014.- The same proportion of companies (75%) plan to maintain or increase the share of investment in innovation in the next 12 months.

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